Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest Post: Have Your Wedding Your Way in the UK!

Hey everyone! Today's Guest Post is very interesting, and I'll tell you why...

Living in America means that you can choose to have your wedding ceremony anywhere you want. It can be on a carousel, under water, or even in your own garden! My dream was to get married on the beach, but my choice of having my wedding in the UK meant I could not do that, so I looked to the next best thing and got married in a hotel overlooking the ocean!

If I had known about Civil Celebrants, as talked about in this post, I would've had my dream of getting married on the beach.

So, do you want to get married somewhere funky? How about somewhere intimate like your garden? Have a read!

Your wedding can be anything you want it to be. Norfolk-based Civil Celebrant Tina Bowden of Mulberry Days explains how you can create your own unique wedding day in the best possible way...

We have all seen the wonderful weddings that are held abroad in the lovely family homes and gardens or on beaches but any Registrar will tell you that it is not possible to legally get married in your own garden or very few outside spaces in this country. However many couples are now turning to celebrants to get around this situation.

There is a simple answer to the problem of a venue or space not having a license for marriages that enables you to have your wedding held anywhere that has a special significance for you and for the ceremony to contain anything that you want, and unlike a registrar’s ceremony, you can even include religious elements if you want.

As a couple you go through with the process of having a small intimate ceremony booked at a register office, you can have this ceremony completed before or after your celebrants ceremony, it does not have to be done on the same day even. You will need only two witnesses with you and will have to say a few declaratory and contractual words, you will not have to exchange rings, and then you will sign a register.

Officially you are then married. Your celebrant in the mean time will have been working with you from the time of booking to help you design the perfect ceremony for you both. So that on your ceremony day, you will not only know your celebrant but also what your ceremony will involve, it will have all been chosen by you.

You can take as many of the elements from a traditional wedding as you wish, (rings, vows, entrance, kiss,) and your celebrant will help you with ideas to enhance and personalise your ceremony too. Creating something that is unique to you. You can involve family members by asking them to do a reading or a poem, or maybe even a little story about the two of you and how you met.

The possibilities are endless, the only limitation is imagination. So how do you choose your celebrant? The best way is always word of mouth, do you know someone who has had a celebrant conduct a ceremony for them, how did they get on. A recommendation is the best way but of course if you do not have any experience of celebrants then the best way is to do a search for a celebrant in your area, some will even travel nationwide and contact them.

Spend time talking to them, compare a few, you will know when you have found the right one. She or He will be someone that you can instantly have a rapport with and feel comfortable that they will conduct a beautiful ceremony for you.

Your celebrant should also be able to supply you with ideas to enhance your ceremony and make it a very romantic ceremony.

So where will your wedding be held?
For more information contact Tina at Mulberry Days on 01603 811756 or visit the website at

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  1. Such an interesting post on wedding day! Our wedding party was held in last week and we all enjoyed our day a lot. It was a destination wedding ceremony that we both had at one of our favorite NYC wedding venues. I too shared my wedding pictures on my weblog.