Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guest Post: How To Pick the Perfect Wedding Rings

So, you've got your engagement ring, but what wedding ring will you pick? Read the guest post below to help you find that perfect wedding ring!

How to pick the perfect Wedding Rings

Sometimes more thought is put into the wedding flowers than a couple’s wedding rings. It is important to remember that the rings you say ‘I do’ to are symbols of your partnership and will be worn every day for the rest of your lifetime. Therefore it is important to take into consideration such factors as comfort and metal as well as style and cost when picking your rings.
We have asked Diamond and Jewellery Expert and Founder of Diamond Manufacturers, Vashi Dominguez to provide us with some advice to pass onto our lovely readers, this is what he said…
Before looking at rings it is important that you and your partner agree on a budget. Weddings are expensive so it’s important that you plan your budget well, but remember don’t scrimp too much on the wedding bands as these are rings that you will wear for the rest of your life. Agree on your budget and then stick to it! Make sure you research the market to ensure that you get the best wedding rings for your money. Buying rings online can save you over a third on prices, so it’s worth taking a look on and offline to really find out what you can get for your money and work out your favourite styles.
Once you have agreed on the budget the next step is to decide on whether you opt for matching bands or choose individual styles. Some couples choose to have identical bands in different sizes and others just opt for the same metal, whilst others choose something totally different. Really this decision is down to overall taste. Just choose what works best for you and your partner.

Whilst trying on rings always be aware of their comfort and your lifestyle. You will probably wear the ring at work whilst typing and doing sport so make sure that you don’t run a risk of the ring becoming uncomfortable during the day. If you have an active lifestyle which involves a lot of manual labour you may want to consider opting for a platinum or titanium ring as these are the strongest of the jewellery metals and will with stand general wear and tear better than say gold or silver.

The next step is to decide on the style of ring. Would you prefer a plain wedding ring or include diamonds? Whichever style you choose just always remember that you will be wearing the ring in excess of 50 years so make sure that you choose something that will still be in favour with your tastes in a decades time.
If you choose to have diamonds in your ring, make sure that you read up on the 4C’s to ensure that you get the best diamonds for your rings and if you and your partner want something totally unique why not get your rings engraved or custom bespoke rings which you design yourselves for that extra special touch. Diamond Manufacturers (soon to be ) offers a bespoke service to customers as well as free engraving with any plain Wedding bands, so you really can add something personal to your special day.


  1. I read your article "How to pick the perfect Wedding Rings”. An engagement ring should be more than just a band of gold with a stone on it. It should speak both to you and your bride to be. You spent years (or months) choosing the perfect woman to be your mate-why shouldn't you put a similar thought process in to choosing a ring? I just love your views.

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