Saturday, July 27, 2013

Guest Post: Unique Wooden Wedding Stationery by Inspirwood

Hey everyone! Today's guest post is by an amazing company called Inspirwood, who make amazing, unique pieces for your wedding out of wood! Guests will be talking about their wooden invitation for years, so definitely check them out!

Create a memorable, eco-friendly alternative to your wedding stationery using wood

Inspirwood, is the new, unique way to wow your guests at your wedding with a range of wooden invitations and complementary stationery and table wear to set your wedding apart and provide a keepsake.

Produced onto ultra thin, delicate wooden veneer, from various tree species such as Maple, Cherry and Mahogany, even the most simplest of designs are transformed into a striking yet understated, chic look.

The stationery can be tailored to your big day, either adapting the unique designs they have featured on the site, have a bespoke design look just for you, or even print from your own files. Whichever way, the colours can be adapted to suit your theme with the wood type and thickness changed too.

For those who are concerned about the environmental impacts, Inspirwood is only produced on sustainable, ethically sourced wood, which means that ancient forests or threatened environments are carefully protected, with the production process using 100% renewable energy and all offcuts used for other processes or products.

Working with the happy couples, the venues or wedding planners, the small friendly team of designers are just a call or click away to get your wedding stationery talked about for years.

Inspirwood is a product of Inspirations a small team of designers based in Teignmouth, Devon, and have been working in the sustainable communications industry since 2004.

One day we were offered some left over wood veneer from a customer and thought that we would try printing our business cards on it, to save it being thrown away.

We realised how cool they were, and once we started giving them away to contacts they started asking for us to make some for them too!

So after searching for a UK supplier, and not finding any, we thought - hey! lets do it ourselves!.

So, here we are...

We have adapted the original idea of just cards into a whole range of applications from Wedding stationery, business cards, event and festival tickets, clothes and product labels, posters, postcards etc.

Contact information:

Peter Williams
Tel; 01626 870 426
Twitter: @topnotchwood
38 Brunswick Street, Teignmouth, Devon, UK TQ14 8AF

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