Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest Post: Wedding Photography Advice

Today's post is a guest post from a hilarious wedding photographer! Check it out!

Source: Kerry James Photography

1) Become an X-Man. Be invisible
In your growing repertoire of photographic skills, one of the most important powers you need to hone for wedding photography is the ability to go unnoticed. Absolutely you need to be in control at certain points in the day, but equally you need to know when to stand back. Break out the long lens, hide in the bushes, shoot some details and keep out of the way. Whatever you do DO NOT dominate the day with your Gestapo like approach pointing here and there, and ordering everyone about. The bride and groom not to mention the 150 guests will quickly become fed up and before you know it you’ll about as popular as a poo in a playground. Go about catching the day naturally, and save your ‘posing’ for the formal wedding shots, or the couple shots. This is my approach to the day, and not everyone shoots a wedding in the same way, so if you feel you need a bit more info on why I shoot this way see Tip No.2 below.
2) Form your own opinions.
If you spend your days toiling over blogs and forums looking for the oracle of advice, you will probably end up going to bed wanting the good lord to take you in your sleep. There are countless forums offering advice on everything photography and you can bet that for every bit of info you read or hear, there will be a million conflicting opinions from everyone and anyone that thinks they are right. Even if someone sounds like they know what they are talking about, it doesn’t mean they are right (just ask my wife). It all sounds a bit contradictory coming from myself, as I too am offering my guidance and advice via this blog. The point is though in time you will find your own way, all this stuff is merely opinion and one person’s approach may be another person’s nightmare. You will know what best works for you and suits your personality on the day, and as I have said in previous blog posts, this will all come with practice.

James Powell
Kerry James Wedding Photography Norwich

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