Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Extraordinary Cakes

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about wedding cake! Who doesn't love cake, right?! My favorite flavor is red velvet. What's yours?

For our wedding, we had chocolate for the mini cakes and vanilla for the top tier, in case some didn't like chocolate. Red velvet isn't a well-known flavor here in the UK!

Here are some extraordinary cakes I found! I plan on doing this cake segment every once in awhile to showcase some truly artistic cakes!

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Wow. For all you book and travel lovers, that first cake is for you! I love to bake but I couldn't imagine creating such an intricate masterpiece like that! The second one is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and made by Cake Sweet Cake. The last one was a random one I found on Pinterest and it reminds me of royal pillows! So elegantly done, I love it!

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For all you romantics out are your cakes! The draping on the first cake is gorgeous, and then if you notice on the side, there are intricate details on each tier. Stunning. The second cake is breathtaking! I really have no words.

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For all you Tiffany's lovers out there: this is your cake! The colors are perfect and the design is fit for a Tiffany's princess!

Let's move onto some non-traditional cakes...

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Have you ever tried macarons (macaroons) before? They are little French delights with almond flavoring and a nice creamy center. They are so delicious and obviously a very nice touch for a wedding cake!

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For all you cake haters out there, what do you think about this cheese cake? Each tier is made from a round of cheese! I think it's quite neat, actually! Some prefer a sweet dessert after dinner, others prefer a platter of cheese. I would love to attend a wedding with a cake like this!

And finally, I present you with this outrageous cake!

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Wowza. What kind of cake would you have for your special day?

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