Saturday, May 18, 2013

1920's The Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

With The Great Gatsby's recent release, it's time to showcase the beauty of the Roaring 1920's! Although I wasn't alive then, it is by far my favorite decade. The Flappers style was so beautiful and everything about the 1920's seemed so elegant.

After seeing the movie, I know some of you will want 1920's themed weddings, and I don't blame you! The Art Deco theme is so interesting, and they loved their beading!

Here are some actual wedding photos from the 1920's. I love how we can take this concept and make it more modern, as seen below with wedding dresses found today!

Image source:, Top, Bottom
Image source:,,

I love the particular details made to emulate the 1920's style!

Now onto the invitations...

Image source: All etsy. Shop names: Left-HeSawSparks, Top Right-dearemma, Bottom Right-Dinglewood Design

The art deco style was the main theme of the 1920's, and these invitations found on Etsy do not disappoint!

How about some cake...yes please!

Image source:,,

I am loving these cakes with hints of 1920's all over them!

Now onto accessories...

As you know, headpieces are essential for 1920's Flappers!

Image source:,,

Image source: Etsy shop GildedElegance
These art deco bracelets are gorgeous from the Etsy shop, GildedElegance! They really showcase the glamour of that time period.

Image source:,, Right-Etsy shop GildedElegance

These earrings are so beautiful! I am loving the style of these.

And who could forget those engagement rings or wedding bands!

Hopefully this has given you an idea for a 1920's The Great Gatsby inspired wedding! 

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