Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Post: Wedding Make Up Artistry with Amor Mi Vida

Hey! Today's guest post is from a very talented make-up artist from Amor Mi Vida, who features some great tips on finding the perfect make-up artist for your big day! xx

My work is diverse and will find me travelling near and far from my base near Bath in the heart of The West Country. Whether home or venue, I am delighted to share my professional knowledge and enthusiasm with my brides and their families. 

It is perhaps, a little difficult to put into words how special wedding mornings are...tears, elation, nerves, lots of laughter and bubbly! I have offered comfort, tissues and a shoulder on which to gently weep many a time. 

Each one of my brides is unique, their wedding day as different as the next, always a joyous occasion. I simply adore weddings, the excitement as the plans begin and the adrenaline rush towards the big day.
Months, even years of meticulous planning resulting in the wonderful, happy moments that will make your wedding day memorable with my hands playing a part in ensuring you look fabulous.

From a small, intimate wedding with a handful of guests to a large, busy wedding with many hundred guests, I have met many lovely brides, all of whom share a vision of their perfect bridal look, share it with me!

I feel privileged indeed, each time I am asked to create your dream look and consider it an honour.


I often hear from my bride "But I won’t look like me!”
I always answer “ You certainly will, just a more beautiful, polished version of yourself."

I often hear from my bride “I am scared I will look caked in heavy, thick make up."
I always answer “The correct technique for your base is crucial, I tailor products to each bride accounting for skin colour and tone, with a feather like base your skin will look flawless."

I often hear from my bride “What if the MUA is bossy, does just what she wants-I will cry!” 
I always answer “ Communication is key, my trials are completed quietly and without rush, I cannot stress enough how important it is to talk, have a good understanding and above all, remember who is getting married here!"

Referrals and good old word of mouth are excellent as are testimonials from previous brides when you are looking. Some of my testimonials have bought tears to my eyes over the years. It is a great feeling knowing I have achieved beauty and beyond!

My advice to all you lovely ladies out there looking to book your wedding day make up, above all else ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin with your make up artist at your side, and I promise you
the result will be worth it!

Amanda x @myamormivida 

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