Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Post: Five golden (and silver and and silk and diamond) rules to follow in wedding planning

Hey everyone! Isabelle from Ballara Receptions has written a really helpful post for you brides-to-be!

Check it out! xx

In all the wonderful madness and excitement and difficulty and hard work and decision making and joy of wedding planning, here are some ground rules to stick to help you keep your cool in the months leading up to your wedding.

Set boundaries
Even though you want all of your family and friends involved in your day, helping you through it and sharing the experience, you are the boss, and everything comes back to you. Make it clear that it's your day, and that on this one day, everything must bend to your will, and everyone else is there to support you. Now, your challenge is to this without becoming bridezilla, because no one likes those.

An image of a reception centre ready for wedding guests to enjoy the wedding meal
Choose your location early on, and stick to it
If you book your location early, you will make all of the planning and arranging much easier for yourself. If you are able to tell the caterer, the decorator, the planner, and the guests where the whole thing will take place, you will save a lot of work. A place like Ballara receptions has the facilities to accommodate every element of a wedding, which can be great because it means no waiting and no moving in between ceremony and reception. That can be great, and really convenient, but if you have your heart set on two different locations, do that.

Remember what it's about
This is the affirmation of love between you and your new spouse. Everything should be in service of that. If there are things that are causing trouble for you or that aren't as you imagined, then they aren't worth it.

Include your closest
The best memories are your memories of your joyous interactions with others. Try and include everyone who matters most to you, they will be thrilled that you want them involved in your wedding.

You can choose the traditions that you follow. Remember, tradition isn't set in stone, and just by getting married you will be adding to and adapting tradition. You're creating it, and carrying it on. You're joining families and people together, so you're making big changes in the world already. If a tradition feels like it doesn't fit, don't try and follow it slavishly.

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