Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Post: The Wedding School

Happy Saturday, everyone! It is absolutely gorgeous today here in the UK! There are some lucky couples getting married around the country today in this rare weather!

Today's post is a guest post from The Wedding School! Their concept is absolutely incredible, and I wish I had known about them when I was getting married!

Have a read and see what they're all about! Then check them out on their website and Twitter (@thewedschool)!

About wedding school:

Before I tell you a little about what wedding school is let me explain what it isn’t. Wedding School is not in the wedding planning business. I cannot advise you on the perfect colour scheme or where to buy your dream dress. There are plenty of wonderful planners out there who you can turn to for those details to ensure your day runs seamlessly and looks just how you envisioned.

Wedding planners are great for the planning but they are rarely able to advise you on all the legalities of getting married, the required preparations and what actually happens during the ceremony itself. Now of course your local register office can advise you on these areas but often assume you know as much as they do. They are also woefully under resourced and are simply not able to devote the time we would like in preparing for the biggest day of our lives. Making a mistake at the registration stage can not only cost time and money but could potentially stop the ceremony going ahead all together. An unthinkable and costly outcome for most of us.

So this is where wedding school comes in. What I do is more concerned with the preparation for the ceremony itself which, after all plays a very important part of the big day. Wedding School aims to answer all those questions that pop up when you start to think about your wedding day, questions that sometimes can seem a struggle to find the answer to.

Questions such as; where can I marry? What are the legal preparations? How do changes to the law regarding ceremonies affect me? What will be said in a civil ceremony? What is a celebrant?

A Wedding school workshop is an informal (hopefully) fun gathering where you will have all of your questions answered first with a presentation, then a question and answer session and lastly any follow up queries will be answered via email. We will also greet you with a glass of bubbly and encourage you to network with your fellow brides and grooms. Lastly Wedding School will give impartial advice.

Wedding School is me, Emma Richards. I am a qualified registrar and over the last few years have gained my experience working at one of London’s busiest and high profile register offices. I am also an accredited celebrant and a member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants.

I have attended hundreds of ceremonies ranging from small register office affairs to events on a somewhat grander scale at a variety of venues. Regardless of size and budget every couple deserves to be able to make properly informed choices to ensure they have the perfect ceremony carried out the way they want.

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