Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 Wedding Dress Trends

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We are officially within wedding season! Applause, applause, as Iona says in Pretty in Pink. May is such a popular month for weddings as flowers are in full bloom and the weather is pretty much perfect...although lately, the weather has been pretty unpredictable here in England.

So what are the current trends that brides are looking to for inspiration this wedding season? Well, it is definitely not what I expected! I checked out The Knot for the top 10 trends, so here are my 5 picks from them:

1. Overlays

Overlays, you say? Well, when I was planning my wedding last year, I certainly didn't see any of these around! Pronovias certainly has gotten this right. It is absolutely stunning and has the effect of a ball gown without all the extra weight! I'm sure it will show your fantastic silhouette as well. Thumbs up to Pronovias Dedalo!

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2. Vintage dresses

This is the new vintage era! I know, it doesn't make sense to have "new" and "vintage" in the same sentence, but alas, here we are! The vintage style has proven popular amongst weddings, and it's clear to see why. The beading, the sequins and the lace! So gorgeous.

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3. Peplum

Speaking of vintage...peplum has become so popular this year! Every time I browse dresses and tops, all I ever see are peplum-style dresses. I haven't tried this style yet, but I would imagine it would be suitable for many body shapes. So it's no wonder the style is showing itself in wedding dresses! I know, it's totally 80's, but the 80's did have some fun fashion! The dress featured here is Bianca in the So Sassi collection by Sassi Holford.

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4. Ruffles

I know what you're thinking...ruffles belong on blankets! But who can resist the beauty of these ruffles found on this gorgeous dress?! We welcome you, ruffles!

Image source:

5. Illusion neckline

There are so many options for illusion necklines! Think lace, beading, crystals...the possibilities are endless! I think they make such a beautiful statement rather than wearing a necklace. Plus you won't have to worry about your dress slipping down. That's always a plus!

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I hope you enjoyed exploring these stunning options for the 2013 wedding season! They offer so many more options than the traditional wedding dress and they make a statement! What do you think?

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